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Day 1 of the Bento Initiative October 28, 2009

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Why bento?  Simply put, I recently lost 22 pounds going low-carb, and am looking for a way to keep it off… and maybe lose more in the process.  Portion control seems the most logical method, since I’m a serious foodie and can’t see limiting myself in the variety department.  I’m originally from Laos, grew up in Haiti, and went to college in the south.  At any minute, I could crave papaya salad, pumpkin soup, or boiled peanuts.  Through the genius that is bento, I can have it all.

I love the way a bento box forces you to think about what you’re going to eat.  I’ve done quite a bit of research on it, and found out that Japanese housewives can spend hours assembling the perfect lunch for their little ones.  Rice balls disguised as video game characters, fruit cut into flowers, hot dog sculptures to rival Rodin–the options are dizzying.  I’m going to concentrate more on my portions.  If it can fit in the box, I can eat it.

My first bento box has a very sweet pink top with pink and brown flowers to match the brown base.  It has 2 levels, and both can be microwaved.  I spent about half an hour at Super H agonizing over the choice, despite the limited stock.  Ideally, I would have gotten the 3-level square dealie with the built-in handle, but none of it could be heated, so I had to pass.  I forsee this one becoming my breakfast bento, as it is on the small side, but we’ll see…

My first lunch consisted of: sugar snap peas, baby carrots, pecans, and most of the contents of a Japanese imported chicken teriyaki bowl.  Surprisingly, it was just enough food to fill me up!  Okay, so I supplemented it with a super-thin slice of pumpkin coffee cake someone brought to work, but it’s a start.


First Bento


2 Responses to “Day 1 of the Bento Initiative”

  1. Pamelita Says:

    Hmmm, pecans in shell? Were you thinking that packaging within packaging would take up more space and slow you down in the overall eating so you have more time to feel full? I would have shoved that corner full of shelled pecans instead.

    • slongcoat Says:

      Honestly, I liked the thought of shelling them at work. That, and I didn’t have much time to put this together. I wandered through the store looking for the perfect first meal, and those were my homage to my McGhee roots.

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