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Bento #8: Faux osso bucco and Cantalet November 18, 2009

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Today’s bento consisted of faux osso bucco, bread and butter, some Cantalet cheese, and I supplemented with a strawberry yogurt.

The osso bucco is less than authentic because I used beef shank instead of veal, and I didn’t make a proper gremolata.  Instead, I put the parsley in as a finishing touch and I forgot to buy a lemon to zest.  😦   

The Cantalet was the last of my weekend cheese-tasting.  I like to go to Whole Foods after the market for a croque madame or Eggs Benedict.  I’ll usually stop by the cheese case and get a couple to try.  This week, I chose 2: a Tomme de Chevre Bois Noirs (terrible–made me sick… really… it had to have been off when I bought it) and a really nice Cantalet.  artisinalcheese.com says it is an ancestor to British farmhouse cheddars, and I can definitely see the connection.  Cantalet is very nice and smooth, with a tiny bit of a bite to it (it is French, after all).  It went very well with Honeycrisp apples, and I was a little sad to eat the last of it today.

faux osso bucco, Cantalet cheese, bread and butter, and strawberry yogurt


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