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Bento #12: Hello Panda! December 29, 2009

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My Secret Santa was good to me this year–I guess it helped that we got to make an Amazon wishlist!  This sweet little Panda bento is much roomier than my first bento, which will now be relegated to a breakfast bento status.

My first lunch packed in the new container was kind of thrown together from leftovers: rice porridge, sliced salted egg, boiled carrots, and Korean yam.  Not exactly inspiring, but very filling.

rice porridge, salted egg, carrots, and Korean yam


Bento #11: Curry Chicken Salad

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In addition to the million things I already have going on, I’ve decided to start compiling recipes I make up to create a farmers’ market cookbook.  Every week, I come home with oodles of fresh fruits and veggies from the market, after trading my unsold cupcakes.  The curry chicken salad is a simple mix of chopped rotisserie chicken, shallot, Crispin apple, mayo, curry powder, and fresh ground black pepper.  Add a little fresh arugula and you’ve got a samich worth swooning over (is it cheating if I packed the bread separately in a bag?).  The bottom of my bento held some assorted veggies and a baby banana.  Yummy!

curry chicken salad, arugula, assorted veggies, and a baby banana