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Bento #13: Chow fun and arugula salad March 3, 2010

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I haven’t been very good about bringing my lunch for a couple of months.  Things have been crazy as T and I are looking for a house.  I am also going back to work full time, so you’ll definitely see more posts from me in the near future.

Today’s bento was a sort of mishmash… someone borrowed the top tier of my panda bento, so I could only pack the bottom with some leftover beef chow fun with Chinese broccoli.  I improvised by making a new rule that a bag of greens is considered a freebie, and can be dressed as a salad at work as long as I don’t put anything bad on it (cheese, bacon, etc.).  So, today’s salad consisted of arugula, red onion, peas, red pepper, and cucumber with some balsamic and olive oil.  Dessert was a slice of green tea sponge that I found at Super H–it would have fit in the top tier if I’d had it, I’m sure.  🙂beef chow fun, arugula salad, and green tea sponge cake


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